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PX Business is the world’s first organisational learning platform that enables the creation of a truly networked learning structure supported by technology to enable both individual and group learning

Increase User Engagement

The best learners are highly engaged. With our unparalleled user-friendly interface, learning in PX business is part of a user's everyday work and living.

Community Learning

Learning is not top-down. PX business is design to empower anyone in the organisation to collaborate, create and share knowledge, increase vibrancy.

Cost Friendly Platform

Cost is a major factor in any organisation's buying decision. We have deliberately kept our prices affordable so more can benefit from our platform.

Operational Efficiency

We enable anyone to share their knowledge and skills real-time. Users can post course, articles, photos and videos - while chatting with team members

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PX Business provides intuitive and easy-to-use templates for rapid content creation so that in-house experts can quickly convert  operational knowledge to online learning content

Easy & Fast Content Creation

PX Business is designed with both learners and instructors in mind. Our user-friendly interface allows rapid learning to happen effectively.

Mobile-First Learning

Designed as a mobile-friendly platform available on both IOS and Android, PX business supports the user habits of the modern workforce.

Continuous Learning

The world never stops changing. With PX Business, your organisation can be ahead of the competitive landscape by facilitating continuous learning.

Continuous Learning

Interaction is the root of learning. PX Business enhances organisation learning through the formation of vibrant learning communities within.

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3 Technology Apps to Improve Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is key to an organization’s success. A Gallup survey reveals that 51% of American workers are currently looking for another job. Salary is always an important consideration, but besides that, companies need to look for ways to improve their processes so workers won’t

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Don’t Be Left Behind

These days, most companies strive to take care of their customers. They tend to appreciate the direct correlation between customer experience and their bottom line. Less appreciated, however, is the impact of positive employee engagement on that final profit figure. In fact, many companies

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5 reasons why an OLS is for you

Let’s start with the most obvious reasons for adopting engagement OLS platforms: the direct time and cost savings associated with the knowledge transfer process. Quickly ramp from training to productivity By using organizational learning technology to ensure consistent training processes where everything is taken

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The Cost of Employee Turnover and How to Reduce it

You may have heard of the concept of the employee economy. Well sourced, correctly placed, appropriately trained employees have genuine value. The longer an employee stays with the organization, the more value they are to the organization. However, if failures in organizational learning cause

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Why are traditional learning management systems broken?

We can streamline, automate and digitize traditional learning management processes to make it easier from an organizational standpoint. But this doesn’t solve the core issue: traditional LMSs are driven by an outdated mindset. It’s a top-down approach that is all about legal and compliance

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Filling Knowledge & Skill Gaps

Work looks completely different in 2018 than it did just a generation ago. Where we work looks different, how we work has changed, and the skills any given employee needs are evolving faster than we can keep up. The pace of change has created

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