We can streamline, automate and digitize traditional learning management processes to make it easier from an organizational standpoint.

But this doesn’t solve the core issue: traditional LMSs are driven by an outdated mindset. It’s a top-down approach that is all about legal and compliance obligations, paperwork, and processes.

Don’t get us wrong. These things are important. But focusing solely on organization readiness means many learning programs disregard the employees’ existing experience, expectations, and job-readiness.

And we’re not just saying this. Thanks to outdated LMSs, and engagement-shy business practices, this is the state of the workplace today:

  • Up to 20% of new hires leave within 45 days
  • A 2018 IDC study found the US and UK spent $37 billion annually to keep unproductive employees who don’t understand their job!
  • New hires need about 1 to 2 months before they are fully trained, comfortable, and productive – for poorly trained hire, this period is 6-9 months or longer

Engagement learning is a fundamental step towards improving employee engagement – from Day Minus 30 and up.

What is Engagement Learning?

As the phrase “engagement learning” hints, it’s all about creating engaging and memorable learning experiences when training your employees.

It’s about moving beyond the traditional paperwork and process driven approach, and emphasizing a greater level of interaction with employees.

Ultimately, business leaders who are practicing engagement learning use real-time communication and personalization to build a connection between departments in the organization.

By kick starting the right digital/social experience with an engagement learning program that wows, employees are inspired to reach for new heights.

5 benefits of engagement learning (and why you need it)

  • You create a collaborative human learning experience

With an experience-driven program, you can automate tasks, drip feed content and corporate learning, and schedule communication between staff, managers, trainers, and the employee throughout training, and free everyone up for more meaningful face-to-face interactions where it counts.

  • You get to understand your staff

As engagement learning is focused on the employee, you’re able to ask them questions about personal and professional strengths, experiences, drivers, expectations, and personal interests so you can help them put their strengths to use in their role, and empower them to make the role their own. These genuine conversations help provide you with necessary insight and foster connection.

  • You speed up socialization

We all want to fit in, especially at the place where we spend a third of our lives! Studies have shown when employees feel socially accepted and integrated in their workplace, they’re more likely to succeed, in part, because they know who to reach out to for help and guidance. A well-designed learning program can speed up integration by communicating workplace values and customs, encouraging introductions, and by informally introducing the manager and team.

  • You increase engagement and productivity

At some point, each of your staff needs to feel connected to their team, their manager, their role, and even themselves! When people feel comfortable and confident and valued, they’re more engaged and productive in the workplace.

  • You boost your company brand

A happy and engaged employee who’s been surprised and delighted with a charismatic learning experience is your biggest brand ambassador.

More than a consumer, engaged employees are loyal supporters of your brand and will shout it loud from your rooftop garden for all to hear.

Which means – better quality applicants next time you need to recruit, faster time to fill, lower recruitment costs, and lower employee turnover.

It’s time to create a more personal, more memorable organizational learning experience. Any attempts to improve training so far have been driven by a want to streamline processes and reduce paperwork time, which still doesn’t seem like a very employee-focused mindset!

So, if you truly care about your employees’ experience, you need to try out Parenthexis Business.


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