Non-Profit Organisation

Eric is the head of the education and training department of a global non-profit organization, overseeing both staff and volunteer onboarding, compliance training and continuous upgrading. Thousands of volunteers advocate and execute its mission of sustainable energy use.

Their challenge: the volunteers come from different geographic regions and while training is decentralized to the local volunteer centers, the quality has been varying and inconsistent. The organization is losing the young volunteers, whose cries for more relevant training are ignored as the organization continues to struggle with delivering training through their website and sporadic emails.

Eric has contemplated using a Learning Management System (LMS), but the cost of using the platform to reach out to the vast number of volunteers makes the option untenable. He needs a cost-effective volunteer training and engagement system.

And then Eric discovered PX. To his delight, he could interact real time with his volunteers. He publishes courses in the Channel and monitor volunteer training via analytics, quizzes and assignments. Eric also creates different groups and assigns leads for every volunteer center to manage communication and training specific to a particular center. With PX, Eric is able to hasten the roll-out of high quality training for his volunteers worldwide.

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