Instructional Designer

Fenedil works as a freelance digital instructional designer. Passionate about designing interactive, pedagogically sound learning content, he has developed a library of best practice design templates from working with various digital learning and media agency clients. While there are ways to find and share design templates in certain groups like Reddit, he’s wondering why despite the advancement in technology, that sharing templates is such an archaic process. If only he could find a concentrated group of fellow designers and integrate their work process to collaborate more closely.

And that’s why PX feels like home. Upon creating an account, he is identified as a content creator and is shown a dazzling display of the work of fellow creators. He can follow those creators and connect with them, allowing him to not just discover their work, but also to easily share templates with them for their use. Fenedil is also pleasantly surprised by how it supports any and all media formats, including SCORM packages. He’s excited to find this treasure trove of resources, as well as becoming a valued member of this passionate community of educators and designers.

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