Retired Teacher

After 30 years as an educator, Jane has seen just about every kind of challenge a student may face in learning Math…in the classroom. Even though she doesn’t use much technology in her teaching, she’s aware the classroom is only one part of the learning experience. Jane is excited, and at the same time slightly apprehensive about the possibilities of using technology to enhance learning, and increase reach beyond the classroom. Jane has stacks of carefully prepared curriculum notes but she’s not sure how to best integrate them to create an engaging digital learning experience.

Diving straight in, Jane signed up for an intro course on algebra on PX. She was impressed by the different formats used to help students visualize, understand and remember concepts. To top it off, she realized that the course creator was a digital instructional designer called Fenedil, and made his design templates available for educators like herself to adapt and modify to their needs. Invigorated, she clicks “create a course” and with just a few clicks, starts working with the design templates Fenedil created. She also considered and followed along with a few of the suggestions from PX on how she could better layout the contents. Before the hour was up, she has already mapped out the entire course, and completed 2 of the 5 course sections. Wait till her students and teachers’ network sees this!

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