John Ming


John Ming is a project management consultant and his clients pay him well, flying him around the globe to conduct training sessions. However, like many consultants, he is unable to promote his services when he is busy delivering on a project. He wants to sign more clients, with less effort. At the same time, since learning goes beyond a one-time training session, he also wants to engage clients beyond the classroom.

Knowing that PX attracts corporate learning and development professionals around the world with its learner-centric platform, John creates a free introductory course on project management as a hook. Following the step-by-step instructions, he dragged and dropped his training material into beautifully designed assessment templates, embedded videos links and other design assets. Within an hour, he turned unpublished content into professionally produced learning (and promotional!) material. He is also able to provide a professional platform to engage with his clients better: with pre-coursework before the training, and with group discussions after the training

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